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A classically trained actor and graduate of the University of Southern Queensland Australia, Loretta has worked in film, television, theatre, commercials and voiceovers.
Loretta is also an acting teacher at Ben Ratner’s Haven Studio.

She lives in Vancouver.

99% Accurate - Australian Theatre for Young People

"Loretta Walsh playing pregnant teen Lucy, brings the perfect balance of comedy and truth to her role" - Mary Simmons - Daily Telegraph


"The play really started to swing when the sexy Clea, played with arch confidence by Loretta Walsh strutted in and stamped her high-heeled boots on Brinsley's teetering schemes.  Her protracted kiss with him worked to add the extra sauce that had been missing since then." - Elizabeth Bentley - V Magazine


'Black Comedy' - Cut Theatre

"Loretta Walsh playing scorned woman Clea, is easily the most convincing of the cast" - Carrie Kablean - Sunday Telegraph

"Loretta Walsh delivers and intelligent and acerbic performance as Clea" - Cec Busby - Revolver Magazine


'Othello' - Cut Theatre

"Loretta Walsh as Desdemona is a remarkably striking woman, who although pushed into submission by men, rises to the occasion when prompted" - Clara Iaccarino - Go Magazine

"Loretta Walsh's Desdemona relates to the audience well" - Ashley Gray - Sydney Morning Herald

"Loretta Walsh as Desdemona was impressively angelic in all her scenes" - Troy Lennon - Daily Telegraph


'Marriage' - Cut Theatre

"Loretta Walsh (as Agafya) stood out in a strong cast" - Andrew Stevenson - Daily Telegraph

"Loretta Walsh revealed splendid comic talents" - Oscar Hillistrom - Revolver Magazine


'Metamorphosis' - Cut Theatre

"Loretta Walsh's casting works brilliantly.  Her physicality seems to be absolutely correct for the role of the self-serving martyr that everyone loves.  New Cut member Loretta Walsh is distinctive" Oscar Hillistrom - Revolver Magazine

White Hot:

"Loretta Walsh, who’s playing the role, embodies Lil’s internal conflict so effectively that you can practically feel flesh separating from bone as she says the opposite of what she means."


Lobby Hero - Dirty Manhattan Equity Co-op

"Loretta Walsh delivers excellent work as well, mining all the pathos and comedy in the tightly wound Dawn" - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight


Last of the Red Hot Lovers - Port Stanley Festival Theatre

"Walsh as the free-spirited actress wanna-be but somewhat "not on this planet at times" character is dynamite on stage.  Her mood swings and mental swings are done so seamlessly that the laughs she evokes seem continuous throughout her segment" - Doug Avram, St Thomas Times-Journal


Caught in the Net - Upper Canada Playhouse

"Loretta Walsh integrated so well into an already tight cast that you'd swear they've all been acting together for years' - Robert Janelle, Cheiftan

"The teenager Vicki, played by Loretta Walsh offers a great performance" - Lisa Etherington-Runions "Standard Freeholder"



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