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During Kindred Entertainment's production of THIS we will be raising funds for John Mann, an artist in need through The Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society. Please support John and the society by purchasing 50/50 tickets in the lobby of the show.

Here is a message from John's family:

"On behalf of John and his family we want to thank you very much for your care and support:
John and Babz had a special connection. They both had more charisma and integrity than most of us dream of, they could both sing like mo-fos and the camera loved them.
They were genuine gems.
I know John would have done anything he could to help Babz, so for you to help him out in her name is 
is very meaningful to us.

John was diagnosed with Early -Onset Alzheimers just before his 50th birthday. He is now 55.

John was raw, rebellious, kind and full of life. He created music that supported worthy causes and lifted spirits.

He nows lives in a care home.

The progression of his disease has made it impossible for him to take a step without some holding his hand, speak, sing or lift a spoon to his lips.

He can no longer process visusual information and gets disoriented from moment to moment.

Any money that is raised for John goes toward paying for care aides who play cd’s for him, talk to him, take him for walks, help him eat, touch him, speak to him and provide a quality of life 

that prevents him from being alone and parked in a wheelchair when his family can’t be there."

About the Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society:

https://babzchulasociety.wordpress.com/ (there’s a donate button on the website that still works!) 


The Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists is a non-profit society created by a group of high-profile Canadian actors who joined forces to raise money to help pay for their dear friend’s mounting medical bills. Babz Chula was regarded as one of Canada’s most accomplished actors and a veritable life force in Vancouver’s independent film community. She was a generous mentor to young artists and a tireless volunteer to countless charity causes. After fighting three types of cancer for many years, Babz lost her battle on May 7, 2010. The Society continues on in her name, extending help to performing artists residing in BC who have found themselves in dire financial need due to an inability to cover medical expenses after critical illness or accident. 

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